Yemen's Al Qaeda Coordinating with Gaza Terrorists

Haaretz has published details of another communication from the Shia Houthi rebels in Yemen which depicts an al Qaeda in Yemen training manual sent to terrorists in Gaza about how to build a light airplane for a terror attack.

In several earlier communications, a person spotting himself as Ali Hussein and representing himself as a member of the Houthi rebels sent scanned copies of intercepted communications from al Qaeda in Yemen to an anti-Hamas Salafi group in Gaza.Al Qaeda in Yemen is preparing to send
Somalis refugees from Yemen to Gaza through Egypt for attacks. The terror group also discussed about launching a rocket from Saudi Arabia on a nuclear reactor in Israel. The Houthis, in sending the letters, are trying to reveal the difference between their ideology and al Qaeda's in a bid to elicit support for their cause, which they say is an end to discrimination by the Yemeni government.