43 Taliban militants executed in FATA

43 Taliban (Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan, TTP) militants were executed in clashes with Security Forces (SFs) in the Orakzai Agency in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) on June 22. Militants had attacked the SFs with deadly weapons and mortar shells in the Sawar Kot area. Around 43 militants were executed in the gun battle that followed.

At least 12 soldiers were also harmed in the shootout. Also, around 22 Taliban (TTP) militants laid down their weapons and yielded before the SFs in the Bajaur Agency. Separately, SFs grabbed a large number of weapons including Russian manufactured Kalashnikov rifles during search operations in various parts of Mohmand tehsil (revenue unit).
Further, the Taliban (TTP) militants recognized that they were holding 33 missing Frontier Corps (FC) soldiers who went missing since militants attacked a check-post near the Afghan border in Mohmand Agency on June 14 as hostages and offered prisoner swap with the Government.

The offer was made in telephone calls to journalists from maintained Taliban spokesman Ikramullah Mohmand. “We are ready to exchange prisoners with the government as our comrades are in government custody too,” the Taliban (TTP) spokesman revealed. He warned that the Taliban (TTP) would kill the captives if the Government refused their demand.

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