Terror suspect 'A-chef'

A suspected member of the Basque nationalist group Eta wanted in Spain for questioning about terrorist attacks had been working as a chef in Belfast under an assumed name for the last two years, a court has heard.

Police also found several false ID documents belonging to Fermin Vila Michelena, 40, when they raided his rented flat where he lived alone, Belfast Recorder Tom Burgess was told.Michelena was detained in the city centre last Friday under a European arrest warrant issued by the Spanish authorities who are seeking to interview him about several attacks, including a car bomb which killed a senior army officer and a policeman.
The Spanish interior ministry claimed he was part of Eta's Madrid cell which was responsible for four bombings in 2001. The court heard that he left his home in the Basque region the previous year. Spanish police had sought him for three months before to the attacks he was wanted for.