Terrorism and the Market

Terrorism is a real threat to all nations in the world. Wherever there are different groups of people, there are sure to be conflicting ideas. Some of the differences in opinions and beliefs lead radicals to turn to terrorism to push their ideas onto others and to send messages that result in the death or injury of many.

While this tactic is frowned upon by society as a whole, it is all too real a danger to ignore. The human tragedies that result from terrorist acts are horrifying and the economical impacts that follow terrorism can be almost as devastating.The loss of human life is undoubtedly the tragic side of terrorism. The effects of the deaths of loved ones are tremendous.
The business world does not go unaffected by these human losses; the loss in labor force and other key players in a company can cause significant negative effects.During the September 11th attack, the lives of many were lost, including top level executives from Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, American Express, and many other publicly traded companies. Not only did these companies lose a corps of wonderful human beings, but many lost their most important leaders and thinkers. The result was a tragedy for the victims’ families and the companies, as well.