Pakistan's survival threatened by terror and flooding, says president

A suicide bomber rammed a pickup truck laden with explosives into a police station in the north-west of the country killing 19 people. Among them were four children.It brings the total of people who have been killed in a wave of terrorist attacks since Wednesday to 109 amid signs the Pakistan Taliban is trying to capitalise on the disarray caused by the floods.

President Zardari acknowledged the dire threat in a statement released to coincide with Defence of Pakistan Day."On September 6 this year the nation is confronted with an existential threat from fanatics, zealots and extremists on the one hand and from the
material devastation caused by the history's worst floods on the other," he said."While the former is testing our will to survive and live in accordance with our values and ideology, the latter is testing our ability, resourcefulness and resilience to rise like a phoenix from the ashes of a natural disaster."