Military-grade explosives first found more than a year ago at NYC cemetery cause bomb scare

A caretaker doing gardening work at a historic cemetery dug up a plastic garbage bag containing military-grade explosives last year and left it at the site, where it remained until a volunteer told authorities about it Monday, setting off a big police response.

The employee found the C-4 in May or June 2009 after digging down about a foot into the ground at New York City Marble Cemetery on Manhattan's Lower East Side, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. It contained eight bricks of the explosive, which Kelly said couldn't have gone off because there were nothing to detonate it. The spot was near a tombstone but not in a grave.

It was unclear how long the bag had been at the cemetery, but "we believe it's been there for a significant period of time," Kelly said. He said it appeared to be military-grade explosive similar to the material used in the 2005 London transit bombings but that there were no suspicions of terrorism in connection to the discovery.
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