Terrorism among the Islamist-loner

Once again, another attack by a young, angry, Muslim man who according to prosecutors has nothing to do with Al Qaida or any other terrorist group.Arid Uka was arrested, who apparently took out a pistol and shot dead two American soldiers at Frankfurt airport. Arid Uka was a young man aged 21who had an aversion towards American militants. Why is this aversion? Uka told police he was motivated by a video he saw on the internet that allegedly depicted US soldiers attacking an Afghan village and raping a girl. Many active militants were radicalized after watching similar images from other conflicts on video.
Internet allows greater accessibility to these videos but many of these videos are fabricated.In this case, Uka holds Serbian and Montenegrin nationalities, but grew up and was educated in Frankfurt. The numbers of people like Uka in Europe is from different nationalities but are “European Muslims”. This “European Muslims” sometimes become a threat. In recent years, series of attacks and explosions have been the work of loners. Arid Uka was amateurish and his weapon jammed otherwise he would have killed more. The amateurism has been a feature of attacks for some time. Uka was opportunistic and Al-Qaida has always been able to turn the strengths of opponents into opportunities. Arid Uka, a free spirit in the global structure of modern militancy, acted in a destructive manner. "He said he had decided to perform this act when a chance came along," Peter Brustmann, a senior Frankfurt police detective told reporters. "That was why he carried his weaponry with him." The freer the spirit, the more destructive their behavior.