Thirty seven killed in Afghanistan suicide attack

Place of suicide bomber attack-Kunduz

Thirty seven were killed in a suicide attack at an army recruitment centre in Northern Afghanistan on March 14, 2011. In less than a month, this was considered the third major assault in that area, the deputy governor said. Zabihullah Mujahid (Taliban spokesman) declared that he was responsible for the attack supporting the militant Islamist group.
According to the officials many were wounded. After the attack, Reuters said that they heard gunfire in the area but Hamdullah Danishi, the deputy governor of Kunduz province, denied it. He said that the causalities were due to a single suicide bomber. Danishi told Reuters "The death toll includes new recruits, army soldiers and civilians.” Thirty three bodies were brought in the Kunduz provincial hospital as specified by a doctor. Kunduz area has become a main base for rebellions for the past years.
wounded victim

Dead victims are being carried away

Last week, Kunduz police chief was killed by a suicide bomber while he was patrolling the city. In the month of February, thirty people were killed by another suicide bomber in a government office as people were queuing to collect identity cards.Bloodshed is on increase at north and Kunduz being victim for the terrorist activity. Violence is on a rise this year even before anticipated spring offensive against insurgents.