Osama Bin Laden Death still remains a Mystery

Recently a video was released of Osama Bin Laden in which it shows Osama Bin Laden watching his own picture on the television. The video released neither had date nor time it was taken. It shows a white beard man watching of Osama’s capture on a television. But the man in this video is white beard whereas Osama Bin Laden had only few grey hairs not fully white beard.
Not only that, the place captured in that video does not show high economic status of that man. Is it possible a man in the most wanted list with lots of money in his hands live a simple life like that? It is said that Osama had some health issue which needs attention but the man in that video has no facility for that.

Is that Osama really watching that video or are they mistaking some other man for Osama? Some substantial proof should be provided to confirm Osama’s death until then rumors like this will go on constantly.