Details of Bomb Plot: Afghan Defense department in Lockdown

According to Afghan and Western officials the defense ministry of Afghan went into a near-total lock-down following the discovery of 10 suicide vests and the arrests of more than a dozen Afghan defense force suspected of plotting to attack the ministry and blow up traveler buses for government employees. The killings have by now reached into the heart of the Afghan safety measures founding in February, in the middle of riots over American soldiers blazing Korans, an Afghan Interior Ministry employee gunshot dead two American military advisers in a restricted admission area of the organization.
Along through the standard contingent of Afghan Army guards, particular army commandos could also be seen protecting the Defense Ministry while the restrictions on movement in and out of the ministry began to ease. The Defense Ministry refused to still tolerate that a breach had occurred it vigorously deprived of any attempted bombings and said no soldiers had been arrested. No cars or people were permitted in or out of the checkpoints that control access to the street for about an hour, and Afghan safety forces were a heavier-than-usual occurrence around a main traffic circle at one end of the street.