Terror influential Release Stirs upheaval

Republicans on Capitol Hill are angry over the Obama administration’s managing of a purported Hezbollah chief, who was connected to the murder of five U.S. military in 2007 and now is place for release by an Iraqi court.  
According to a Lebanon citizen Daqduq, west dismissed the dispute by Obama officials that they were required under a Bush administration agreement to release Iraqi citizens upon exiting in December 2011.
A senior administration official told Fox News the U.S. strongly opposes his acquittal but respects the independence of the Iraqi judiciary. The executive restated the administration's position that it was legally obligated under the 2008 security agreement to move Daqduq into Iraqi custody but only after reassurance he would exist held accountable for his crimes.The Jan. 20, 2007, killing reportedly occurred when a convoy of SUVs that looked like one belonging to U.S. forces cleared several checkpoints to reach a government compound that include an American security team.