Uzbekistan: Eyewitness inspection of Rail explosion Site Discounts Terrorism assert

An eyewitness examination of the late-2011 rail bridge explosion in Uzbekistan blast site, located in a remote part Uzbekistan not far from the Uzbek-Tajik frontier, indicates that the incident likely was not the work of terrorists.
The mid-November explosion at a rail bridge severed southern Tajikistan's rail connection to the outside world. After a few days of silence, state-controlled Uzbek media characterized the event as a “terrorist act.
Since the incident, authorities in Tashkent have refused Dushanbe’s offers of assistance to repair the bridge.While Tashkent seems to rest behind a wall of silence, local officials are somewhat more talkative.They likewise haven't commented on when the bridge will become operational again. Hundreds of freight wagons loaded with food and other essentials are reportedly waiting to pass over the damaged rail en route to Tajikistan.