Terrorist Iraq attack

      A chain of immediate bombing and gun firing happened in Iraq on 13 June 2012. Nearly 93 public were killed and more than 300 injured in harmonized attacks cross-ways Iraq.
Location     Baghdad,Other six cities and Iraq
Performer      Islamic State of Iraq
Date      13/06/2012 - Wednesday
Type     Car Bombing and Shooting
      A large amount of the attacks were car bombings and come out to be intended mostly at Shias pilgrims grouped to memorialize the fatality of imam Moussa al-Kadhim. The most primitive car bomb, projected at a set of pilgrims, blast in Taji, a town north of Baghdad.
It was tracked by four explodes cross-ways Baghdad. According to a bystander, the bombs were intended at pilgrims moreover killed people working in the area. In all, 10 explode were informed cross-ways the Baghdad area.
Car Bombing - Iraq
      Two bombs in Hilla come out to have been intended at security forces. The performers beleaguered an eatery repeated by police, killing 22 people and departing 38 injured. According to bystander intelligence, the car bomb was exploding right as a minibus full of police officers pulled up to the eatery.