Terrorism and Violence: How it gets fuzzed by Moralistic Spiritual nonsense

First and foremost: Violence is not an unspiritual or an unnatural phenomenon in nature or in this creation.

Second: Ahimsa that Krishna talks about is NOT "Non-violence" of Gandhi. Ahimsa of Krishna was BEST demonstrated by Sri Guru Gobind Singh in his most violent of moments, when the situation demanded it. Giving the color of Morality - any kind - to Gita or Krishna's message is the GREATEST disservice one can do to humanity and to spiritual realm as a whole!

Third: Terrorism is the tendency to blackmail humanity by a group to perpetrate its own dominance. To say that "My Way is better than yours". Any violence irrespective of context is NOT Terrorism. By definition, when you use Terror tactics to get your way, then you indulge in Terrorism. Even the application of Jizya by Founders of Islam (and Islamic ruler in India) was Terrorism as well! You may not even indulge in violence (as in killing) and YET indulge in Terrorism!
On the contrary, you may indulge in killing of hundreds of thousands of people and yet not be doing any Terrorism!Fourth: There is NO "Best" solution for ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! To say, one should approach every thing in one way or the other, without any regard to context or situation is lunacy not spirituality.Fifth: So if there is no "best" way for any context or moment, that which "WORKS" in any moment is what is called living in the moment.