Terrorism Survival Guide

Top tips include:
· Identify two meeting places: One near home and the second away from the neighborhood in case home cannot be advanced sooner.

· Find out the emergency reaction plans of employers, school, daycare and other officials. To where would they evacuate workers and students? Write down the answers and keep a copy in your wallet.

· Keep life, property, health and other insurance policies current, and know their terms. Store copies of these and other important documents -- identification, deeds, wills, a small amount of cash -- in a watertight container.

· Have a plan for pets, since shelters do not allow them.
· Assemble a "disaster supply kit" and keep it in a designated place where it is ready to "grab and go." It should include bottled water, food and emergency supplies, perhaps kept in backpacks or duffel bags.

Recommended Resource:

· With guidance from doctor or pharmacist, store prescription drugs and an extra set of prescription glasses.
· First aid kit.