NAM condemns terror attack against Iranian scientist

On Thursday Iranian Permanent Representative to United Nations Mohammad Khazaee said that member states of Non-Aligned Movement have condemned terror attack on Iranian scientist and violation of Iran's airspace by the US stealth observation aircraft.

“NAM members states supported Iran’s two proposals to condemn terror attack on Iranian Physics professor and violation of Iran airspace by US spy drone, “ Khazaee told IRNA on the sidelines of NAM first meeting in 2012 at UN.

“NAM representatives to United Nations accepted the two plans made by the Islamic Republic of Iran and will finally issue a statement to condemn the assassination and stealth drone spying as two terrorist actions against Iran,' he said.Khazaee said that it is crystal clear that certain terrorist groups with the help of Zionists and other foreign governments and organizations are behind such terrorist operations.
“Despite all kinds of political and economic pressures and terrorist attacks targeting the Iranian nuclear scientists, the enemies could not prevent our nation from exercising its right to produce nuclear energy which is completely for peaceful purpose,“ Khazaee added.'We are confident that such blind terrorist operations will not stop Iranians from defending their legitimate rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty. The Islamic Republic of Iran reserves the right to take legal action with the internal and international courts against state terrorism exercised by the hostile regimes.'