Efforts to track down Osama bin Laden: Pakistan

One year since discomfiture of Bin Laden's Abbott bad death, Pakistan is moving itself quicker to centre of actions. For about a year, Pakistan's safety establishment has been in a state of deep anger and discomfiture over the murder of Osama bin Laden. A former US official confirmed there had been some joint operations in the long-ago, mainly in Chitral, but was unaware of the specific experience.
According to Bruce Riedel, a former senior CIA analyst and expert on Islamist militancy ISI's three preceding attempt to net Bin Laden almost certainly looked like untamed goose chases from Washington's perspective. However its annoyance, US diplomats note, has not been aimed at at how the world's most required man could have lived inside the nation for so long, but rather at how a US team could have got in and out of its territory unnoticed.