New York: Subway bomb plan man found culpable following terrorism test

A New York gentleman has been convicted of intrigues an aborted suicide task against New York City subways in a case that featured the first-time demonstration as of admitted home-based terrorists concerning al-Qaida's obsession with pulling off another assault on American soil. 
The defense admitted that the Bosnian-born Medunjanin required to struggle for the Taliban, other than they insisted he not at all agreed to increase demise and devastation in the city where his family put down line.The further convicted terrorists were called as witnesses to give a rare sight into al-Qaida's preparation methods and the state of mind of its guidance.
According to Bin Laden, the American financial system is like a series and if you smash one connection of the chain the whole economy will be brought down. Consequently following the attacks, this operation will ruin the aviation commerce and in turn the entire market will come downward.